March 26, 2016 — 5:36

From June 5th we will be setting up in the parking lot behind the Museum, join us as we start this new phas

The day was a stunning one, the weather fully collaborated. The museum set up a place for us in their private courtyard and armed with brushes and paint we greeted the local kids.

We had 7 circular planters to paint, each divided into 4 quadrants. We started by giving each kid one quadrant to paint one solid color, it was fun to see how excited children get around paint; parents and older siblings were also eager to help. By the end of the first hour it was clear that one quadrant was not enough! And each kid started to draw on them: flowers, hearts, faces, the creativity was unleashed!

Right next to our station, Edwin one of the educators from the Museum held another activity that beautifully supported our project. Each kid was given a little pot to paint and by the end of the day, they were each given tiny plants to keep into their own planters. This activity brought a strong connection to ARTfarm, where every family will enjoy their full size painted planters on the steps of Carroll Place.

We would like to thank the Bronx Museum for inviting us to be part of this event and for supporting ARTfarm, by letting us use their storage facilities.

Stay tuned for moving weekend update
The work on ARTfarm has been progressing. A big thanks to Joel from the Rebuilders Source for offering the workshop space and material at discounted prices. However Rebuilders Source shuts its doors by the end of May and we are on a look out for a new space to work through the month of June. The AFHny studio volunteers have done a great job of coming all the way to Bronx to help us build this installation. On Mar 22nd, we are participating in the ‘Family Affair day’ at the Bronx museum where kids from local community will help us paint the planters. These planters are being made from dresser doors and other waste material like elliptical tubes. If you know of a workshop space in Bronx or Manhattan that we could use through the month of June at a discounted price, we would really appreciate the help.

Call for Solutions: The Future of WORK

The current world climate has created many topics of debate, such as global and local economies, technology, healthcare, unemployment, and the environment. Not surprisingly, these themes are all tied to the core of our existence – work. While governments and corporations are implementing major overhauls to fix the system, the architecture profession struggles to manage these rippling effects that influence all aspects of the industry – from architectural education to clientele.

The Project is: A conference that draws designers and related fields together through a series of lectures, panels, exhibition, and workshops to help explore the future of the architecture profession (please see concept prompt under additional information).

The target community for the Project is: Architectural profession – architecture firms, architecture schools, independent designers, consulting industries, and professional boards.

What is the current condition the Project will be working with? (ie., What is so? What services are needed?) This project deals largely with event planning – drawing a diverse body of people from the architectural/design profession to debate the future of the industry as it relates to current world events – such as financial instability, malleable workforce, global communications and diversified education.

How can we frame this challenge as an opportunity to redesign of our profession through the changes and challenges taking place in our world today? What is the future of the WORK?

We ask you to redefine: WORKspace, WORKplace, WORKshop, WORKtime, WORKforce

ARTfarm was proposed to the DOT as a part of the UrbanArts program. We won this competition in Nov 2009. As the name suggests, ARTfarm derives inspiration from the Bronx Museum and the local farmers market. The site is three flights of steps. There is a weeded, run down area surrounding these steps. We propose using found objects like fruit crates and dresser drawers (donated or discarded by the local community and the huge neighbouring C-town) to create planters and seating elements to create a community space.

Other than that we want to initiate a local ‘donate a planter day’ where the community would get a chance to use a discarded item to create a seating element or a planter within the site. The artists will instruct the overall vision of the site installation but the installation will come together by the donations from the community and the skilled labour of the AFHny volunteers. We plan on encouraging ownership of this space by asking neighbouring households, bodegas etc to adopt a planter in the site and look after its upkeep. The installation will sport a mix of design, art, community and culture.